Used EBARA EST 200WN #9098518 for sale

ID: 9098518
Dry pumps, many available.
EBARA EST 200WN is a stainless steel pump designed for high reliability and performance in the most demanding applications. Featuring a horizontal design and a variable head feature to accommodate a range of media, EST 200WN is ideal for pumping water, wastewater and other liquid solutions. Constructed from robust materials including stainless steel and PTFE, EBARA EST 200WN is designed to provide reliable performance in even the most challenging environments. Supported by a reinforced motor frame, the pump is designed to meet the highest standards in terms of safety, durability and reliability. The pump is driven by a single-stage turbine-style impeller, for a flow rate of up to 50 cubic meters per hour. This equipment ensures smooth, reliable operation, even at high speeds, and helps to minimize energy consumption and noise levels. The motor has been designed with an IP55 rating for extra protection against dust, debris and water, for increased reliability and longevity. EST 200WN pump also offers a number of other features to make operation and maintenance simpler and more efficient. An adjustable operating speed allows for fine-tuning of flow rates, and the pump can be connected to a power source via a three-phase asynchronous system, allowing for easy integration with existing systems. EBARA EST 200WN pump is designed for ease of use and to minimize downtime, simplifying operations and maintenance. An integrated monitoring unit provides alert options and real-time diagnostics help to detect potential areas of concern. The optimized construction also helps to maximize performance and maintain efficiency levels. Overall, EST 200WN is an excellent choice for customers who require a reliable and efficient pump for operation in demanding environments. The durable construction, variable head feature and intuitive monitoring machine make it a popular choice in both residential and commercial applications.
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