Used EBARA EST 25 #174160 for sale

EST 25
ID: 174160
EBARA EST 25 is an aging-in-place pump with a highly reliable design. It is designed to be used in both residential and commercial settings, making it one of the best options for increasing the longevity of your mechanical systems. EST 25 is equipped with a thermally protected exterior and a rustproof polypropylene body, giving it superior protection against corrosion and other environmental damage. The pump is also fully submersible, making it easily installed in nearly any location. The pump is capable of producing up to 25 gallons per minute at pressures as high as 150 PSI. It is also capable of providing efficient and reliable operation even at a range of temperatures, with a temperature range of 10 to 140°F. The pump is equipped with a impeller that operated with low vibration, making it quieter and longer lasting. EBARA EST 25 comes with a stainless steel motor shaft that is capable of withstanding up to a 500 lb. load for greater durability. EST 25 is also capable of meeting a variety of requirements for both residential and commercial applications. It is designed to operate continuously, making it an ideal choice for a wide range of applications. It is also effective at circulating and transferring water, regardless of the temperature or pressure levels. Additionally, it is designed with a maximum temperature rating of 140°F and is shielded to protect against pump overheating, making it ideal for a variety of different applications. Overall, EBARA EST 25 is one of the best options for those looking for an economical and reliable pump. With superior protection against corrosion, rustproof body construction, and highly efficient operation, it is the perfect choice for anyone needing an aging-in-place pump. With its ability to operate continuously and transfer water at a wide range of temperatures and pressures, it is capable of meeting a variety of needs, making it a great option for any application.
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