Used EBARA EST 300WN #9068656 for sale

ID: 9068656
Dry pumps.
EBARA EST 300WN is a three phase, water-cooled, electric submersible pump suitable for a range of applications such as irrigation, water supply, water processing, and cooling. It features a triple-phase asynchronous motor, complete with class F insulation and a stainless steel body. The power of this pump is externally adjustable and can reach a maximum of 22 kW, with a nominal power rating of 0.55 kW. The motor of EST 300WN is directly connected to an impeller and a diffuser, which are made of cast iron to ensure long-term durability. The impeller's efficient design and proven performance enable it to supply an excellent flow rate of up to 510 m³/h. This pump also includes a built-in mechanical seal that is lubricated with oil, providing enhanced reliability and more efficient operation. The design of EBARA EST 300WN also includes an overload protector that protects the pump from overheating. This pump also comes with an easily adjustable voltage regulator for improved efficiency. Additionally, it includes a low-noise design and a specialized shaft and bearing system to further reduce noise levels. EST 300WN has a maximum operating pressure of 10 bar, and has the maximum head at the delivery point of 45m. Its optimal suction elevation is 7.5m, and its maximum submergence depth is 10m. The pump also has an IP 68 protection grade, preventing both dust and water from entering the motor and controlling board of the pump. Finally, EBARA EST 300WN has a weight of 122kg and dimensions (with feet) of 1100 mm (L) x 628 mm (W) x 388 mm (D). It comes with a 5-meter long stainless steel cable, ensuring a reliable connection for power transmission. With all of this performance, combined with its efficient design and proven durability, EST 300WN is an ideal solution for a variety of applications.
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