Used EBARA EST 500WNHT #9098521 for sale

ID: 9098521
Dry pump.
EBARA EST 500WNHT pump is a high-efficiency, high-head, surface mounted submersible centrifugal pump designed for domestic, agricultural, and industrial water systems. It is suitable for pressure boosting, irrigation, water supply, water transfer, and drainage applications in areas with conditions from simple to difficult. This durable pump is built with a stainless steel body, a cast iron impeller and diffuser, and is corrosion and abrasion resistant. The 500WNHT pump is made for continuous operation and features permanent magnet motor with AKKS+ electronic control. The motor is cooled with a single-phase thermostat to prevent overheating and overload. The pump can deliver a maximum flow rate of 17L/min and total head of 42m. The removable strainer protects the impeller from clogging and there is a built-in check valve for priming. The mechanical seal is made of quality materials to prevent leakage and with built-in O-ring to provide a strong seal. It also features a pumped-out air system, allowing air to be pumped out automatically to ensure good priming even at low water levels. The 500WNHT is easy to maintain due to its direct-coupled structure. This means the system requires little assembly and repair, and can be used very quickly and easily. The pump has an integrated diagnostic and protection feature which provides efficient monitoring for trouble-free operation. Additionally, it includes a built-in controller and an overload-protection circuit. The 500WNHT is a reliable and efficient pump that requires minimal maintenance. It can handle a wide range of temperature ranges, and is suitable for use in a wide variety of settings. It also features an automatic restart feature, making it perfect for applications where frequent interruptions occur. It is designed for long-term operation with minimal maintenance costs, making it a great solution for both commercial and residential use.
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