Used EBARA ET-1600WS #9065505 for sale

ID: 9065505
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EBARA ET-1600WS is a submersible pump designed for wastewater and sewage applications. The pump is constructed from corrosion-resistant cast iron and a stainless steel shaft for enhanced durability. The three-phase motor design ensures a reliable performance, and its vibration-free operation minimizes noise in the environment. The overload protection feature provides additional safety. The pump is designed for a wide range of applications, such as wastewater and sewage pumping, residential wastewater pumping, and septic pumping. It features a flow rate of up to 492 GPM, a head of up to 160 feet, and a maximum temperature of 158°F. The pump's high efficiency impeller is designed to maximize the overall performance, as well as its maximum efficiency point. The power-on equipment can be adjusted to three different speeds for different purposes. EBARA ET1600WS also includes a built-in non-return valve. This design feature helps protect the system from water hammering, as well as avoid potential contamination. The rated voltage is 200-460V, and a frequency of 60Hz. Thanks to its IP68 water-tightness protection, ET 1600WS pump can be fully submerged. The maximum operating depth is 20 meters. EBARA ET 1600WS comes with multiple safety features, such as a thermal overload protection, an impeller safety unit, and a lightning protection unit. This makes it a reliable and durable pump, perfect for any wastewater and sewage applications. In addition, the pump's auto shut-off feature helps prevent damage to the motor and other components in the machine. ET1600WS is an energy-efficient and reliable wastewater and sewage pump suitable for virtually any application. Thanks to its cast iron and stainless steel construction, it is highly durable and boasts a long service life. Its adjustable speed settings, non-return valve, and overload protection feature make it a safe and efficient choice.
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