Used EBARA ET-1600WS #9065506 for sale

ID: 9065506
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EBARA ET-1600WS is a high-efficiency, single stage end suction pump designed for circulation, transfer, and booster applications. The pump is capable of a variety of flow and head combinations, making it a reliable choice for many applications. It is also capable of operating in a range of temperatures without affecting its performance, making EBARA ET1600WS an ideal choice for demanding environments. The unique design of ET 1600WS takes advantage of its single-stage construction and features a radial impeller that can effectively deliver liquid at high pressures with low power consumption. The pump is constructed with a durable, corrosion-resistant stainless steel casing and a robust construction, making it suitable for many applications. In addition to its high efficiency and efficiency, ET1600WS also features a built-in thermal protection system that automatically shuts off the pump and prevents overdriving during motor overloads. A mechanical seal is also standard, made from Carbon or Ceramic-filled teflon, depending on the operating conditions. The mechanical seal also ensures leak-free operation, making EBARA ET 1600WS suitable for high-pressure water systems. ET-1600WS can be used with straight or elbow flow connections, and an easily adjustable shaft allows for fine-tuning of the pump's performance. The pump also features a variety of connection sizes, including threaded, flanged, and basic. For easy installation and maintenance, EBARA ET-1600WS also comes with a two-year guarantee and a one-year manufacturer warranty. EBARA ET1600WS can be used for a variety of applications, such as industrial circulation, transfer, and booster systems. It offers excellent performance, high efficiency, and economic solutions, making it a reliable choice for any type of liquid processing. The pump is suitable for many environments, has a robust construction, and is designed to operate in demanding conditions, making ET 1600WS an ideal solution for many applications.
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