Used EBARA ET-1600WS #9098675 for sale

ID: 9098675
Turbo pump.
EBARA ET-1600WS is a top-of-the-line pump offering higher flow rates and superior performance than many competitors. It offers the latest in pumping design technology and is ideal for residential and light commercial applications. EBARA ET1600WS has a solid cast stainless steel housing and is made for maximum durability. It is made to withstand high temperatures and erosive forces, making it suitable for usage in numerous applications. The pump also has a low operating noise rating and operates smoothly and quietly even at higher levels of flow. ET 1600WS uses a powerful dual impeller design, incorporating a combination of vortex and non-clog capacities. This results in a pump that is capable of high performance over a wide range of water flows. Its maximum flow is 1600 gallons per hour, making it well-suited to even large-scale operations. Additionally, it has a maximum head lift of 294 feet. To ensure continued peak performance, ET-1600WS features an adjustable speed control. ET1600WS features an integrated suction check valve and a self-lubricating mechanical seal that helps to keep the pump running efficiently for a long time. The mechanical seal is easily accessible and has no external adjustments, resulting in easier maintenance. EBARA ET 1600WS comes with a 2-Year warranty, but the device may be eligible for a 5-year extended warranty, making it one of the longest warranties available on the market. Overall, EBARA ET-1600WS pump offers superior performance over long operating times, and is well-suited to a range of residential and light commercial water pumping applications. Its advanced design features and extended warranty make it a top-choice for anyone looking for maximum reliability and durability.
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