Used EBARA ET-2500 #179451 for sale

ID: 179451
Turbo pump.
EBARA ET-2500 is a reliable, efficient, and cost-effective centrifugal pump used in industrial and commercial applications. It is designed to meet the needs of multistage, low-flow, medium-pressure applications. ET-2500 is constructed with a cast iron housing for corrosion resistance and durability and features two mechanical seals for superior sealing and maximum protection against leaks. The pump is available in a variety of port sizes, from ½" to 3", to fit various applications. It has FT-classes upto 16 and can be driven with a range of sources from electric motors starting from 0.5 through 15 H.P to Diesel and air motors. EBARA ET-2500 is also designed with built in suction and discharge ports for a variety of connection options. The pump is designed to provide superior performance at peak efficiency, delivering increased energy efficiency, improved reliability, and lower operating costs. An easy-to-install design reduces time and effort required for installation and maintenance. The pump also comes equipped with performance monitoring tools to help quickly identify any abnormal conditions before they cause damage. The pump includes an innovative bearing assembly that eliminated wear and tear to ensure maximum longevity and performance. The housing is designed with a cooling system to maintain low temperature of the motor, and self-lubricating bearing system with Labyrinth seals to help protect against contamination. The pump is also shock resistant and includes a flexible rubber shaft coupling to eliminate vibration and misalignment of the pump and motor. ET-2500 is designed to easily handle both clean and dirty liquids and can also be used in applications that require small footprint and pressure requirements. Its durable and reliable design helps keep the cost of operation, maintenance, and replacements to a minimum. Its range of port sizes, customizable performance and signature construction make it an ideal solution for industrial and commercial applications.
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