Used EBARA ET-300K MC #174148 for sale

ET-300K MC
ID: 174148
Turbo pump.
EBARA ET-300K MC is an electric-drive, multistage centrifugal pump that offers the highest quality, reliability and performance. This unique, robust pump is ideal for a variety of fluid applications such as water supply and distribution, chemical processing, and general industrial use. ET-300K MC was designed to provide maximum energy efficiency, with the ability to efficiently move high volumes of fluid at various pressures. The pump utilizes multiple impellers driven by an axial-flow motor connected directly to the pump casing, allowing for a compact design that is ideal for limited areas. EBARA ET-300K MC's tough construction meets the demands of industrial use, and its design ensures high efficiency at all operating speeds. The combination of a high starting torque motor and precise impeller design allows the motor to handle high axial loads and fully utilize the motor's power ratings. In addition, the advanced cooling system can rapidly dissipate heat generated by the motor and ensure high motor efficiency. ET-300K MC features a number of features to alleviate problems often associated with operation on large piping systems. Its advanced vapor control system effectively handles gaseous volumes, reducing cavitation and vibration. In addition, the pump is designed with specialized seals and advanced bearings which offer excellent bearing and seal life for a reliable operation. EBARA ET-300K MC incorporates a digital speed controller that can be adjusted to meet individual needs, allowing for easy and accurate control of the flow rate. Its expertly designed control panel provides operators with easy access to all adjustments, allowing for faster and easier maintenance. ET-300K MC is a sturdy, reliable and energy-efficient pump that is built to provide efficient operation and reliable performance for a variety of purposes. With its robust construction, advanced features and precise engineering, this unique pump offers efficient operation and reliable performance for many years.
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