Used EBARA ET-300WS-A #165509 for sale

ID: 165509
Vintage: 2000
Anticorrosion Turbomolecular Pump used on Applied Materials Centura Metal Etch R2 Chamber ET-300WS-A description: Part Number: AET08 Rotation Speed: 48,000 min-1 Weight: 15 kg. Power Requirements: 200 ~ 240 V 2000 vintage Applied Material's (AMAT) Information: Part Number: 3620-01437W Specifications: Flange: Inlet: VG 100 Outlet: NW 25 Pumping Speed: 270 N2 l/s Maximum Compression Ratio: N2: > 109 H2: 7 x 103 Ultimate Pressure: < 10-6 Torr Allowable Outlet Pressure: 400 Pa (3 Torr) Revolution Speed: 48,000 RPM Run-Up Time: 6 Minutes Installation Position: Any Vibration Level: < 0.01 µm o-p Pump Bake Out Temperature: 100°C max. Bearing System: 5-axis magnetic bearing Cooling System: Water Cooling Water Flow Rate: > 2 l/min. N2 Gas Throughput for Purging: 85 Pa-l/sec (50 sccm) De-installed.
EBARA ET-300WS-A pump is designed for effluent water and sewage systems. It is a single stage submersible electric pump, capable of pumping up to 200 GPM and developed with dependable motor and rugged components ensuring outstanding performance in harsh conditions. It consists of two main components; the impeller, and the discharge port. The impeller consists of an aluminum centrifugal casing which provides air entrainment for efficient operation, and an open channel impeller design for improved efficiency. The radial and axial shaft bearings are mounted on the shaft for long life reliability. The shaft itself is enclosed in a thermoplastic isolation chamber to reduce noise and vibration. ET-300WS-A is also equipped with a stainless steel shaft and a corrosion-resistant housing for long life even in harsh conditions. The discharge port of the pump is equipped with an adjustable non-return valve, which allows for flexibility in the operation of the pump and helps prevent backflow that may occur when the pump is off. It also allows the pump to be easily modified to suit different applications. In addition, the connection with the discharge port allows the pump to be professionally and remotely monitored and controlled. The pump is designed to be fitted with a float switch, which is used to detect the level of the water being pumped. This allows the pump to operate with precision accuracy and also helps in protecting the pump from running dry and overloading, which can lead to pump failure. EBARA ET-300WS-A is a high-efficiency product and is ideal for any application where long term reliability and low maintenance costs are of great importance. With its high capacity, and a robust and reliable construction, this pump is suitable for a wide range of wastewater applications, from wastewater treatment to drainage, sewerage, and drainage pumping.
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