Used EBARA ET-300WS #9098676 for sale

ID: 9098676
Turbo pump.
EBARA ET-300WS is a high performance submersible electric pump specifically designed for wastewater applications. Its body is made of cast iron and has a single-phase motor, capable of delivering a maximum flow rate of up to 6.3m3/h (cubic metres per hour). The motor is powered by 230V. The pump's most outstanding feature is its wear-resistant and corrosion-resistant construction, offering an exceptional high degree of application flexibility in wastewater applications. This product also features a water-cooled, corrosion-resistant mechanical seal construction, reducing maintenance costs. Furthermore, the cooling system keeps the internal temperature of the pump mechanically regulated. Equipped with a vortex impeller, EBARA ET300WS has an exceptionally low operating noise level, making it ideal for quiet and reliable operation. Additionally, the pump has a high head and low power consumption, allowing for great efficiency. ET-300WS also has the safety features required to effectively and safely handle wastewater. In particular, the pump is equipped with a built-in thermal sensor which detects motor overload, while ancillary features include a float switch to prevent the pump from running dry and a break-proof power supply. Designed to meet the demands of wastewater handling, ET300WS offers an outstanding combination of features and technical specifications to make the most out of your sewage applications. Its mechanical and corrosion-resistant construction, high flow rate, and low power give it the performance you need to keep your wastewater under control.
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