Used EBARA ET-300WSA #9065508 for sale

ID: 9065508
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EBARA ET-300WSA is a submersible sewage pump designed for tough, demanding applications. This wet-end type pump is constructed from a durable cast iron housing and can be used in both residential and commercial waste water applications. The pump has a maximum flow rate of 324 GPM, maximum head of 69 ft and a maximum temperature of 140°F. Additionally, it offers low serviceability requirements and no need for a shaft seal. ET-300WSA is powered by a standard 3-phase motor which operates on 230V/460V and has an 808-rpm operating speed. This allows the pump to effectively move heavier solids or liquids and overcome the effects of back pressure in the pipeline or a high differential head. The impeller is a rugged, open-type, 3 vane semi-open impeller that is constructed with stainless steel. This design offers good wear resistance and long operational life. The pump is protected by a built-in thermal overload protector, which automatically detects any temperature rise in the motor windings and triggers the overload protector to shut down the pump. This ensures the protection of all mechanical components. Additionally, the pump has a semi-open top cover with secured gaskets for easy access and protection against dirt, water, and other materials from entering the motor. This helps reduce the risk of corrosion and electric shock. In addition, EBARA ET-300WSA is designed with advanced features including a mechanical float switch, which senses water levels and automatically turns the pump on or off. This prevents accidental dry running and provides better control over the pump operation. Also, the pump comes with an oil-lubricated, maintenance-free mechanical seal which reduces reliance on outside personnel for periodic maintenance. Overall, ET-300WSA is a robust and reliable submersible sewage pump designed for different types of wastewater systems. Its various features including oil-lubricated, mechanical seal, long-service and corrosion resistance, float switch help increase its usability and longevity.
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