Used EBARA ET-300WSA #9065509 for sale

ID: 9065509
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EBARA ET-300WSA pump is an economical and reliable solution to all your water jetting needs. This Japanese-made pump is designed with a compact, yet powerful frame, and is ideal for a variety of aquariums and laboratory environments. ET-300WSA pump features a strong corrosion-resistant stainless-steel housing that houses the high-pressure water jet pump within. This pump achieves a max pressure of 60 bar (900 psi) and has a flow rate of 30 l/min (7.6 gpm). The pump is equipped with a PTC thermal protection system so that it can be safely used. The robust design ensures that the pump will operate consistently and reliably for many years to come. EBARA ET-300WSA pump is capable of handling up to five regular nozzles for better jet control, as well as up to three submersible nozzles. This allows you to customize the jet depending on the size and type of cleaning expected. The adjustable knobs on the pump make changing the pressure and outlet size easy and convenient. ET-300WSA pump is equipped with an array of safety functions, such as over-pressure and low-pressure cut-outs as well as a stop switch for emergency use. The pump also includes a pressure gauge, so you can monitor the pressure level at all times. EBARA ET-300WSA can also be connected to an optional solenoid valve for easier and more efficient operation. ET-300WSA pump is easy to install and maintain, with its lightweight design and ergonomic shape making it the perfect choice for any aquarium or laboratory. Its stainless-steel construction ensures increased durability and longevity, and it is also easy to transport with its compact size. In short, EBARA ET-300WSA pump is an efficient and cost-effective choice for all your water jetting needs. Its robust design, powerful performance, and safety features make it the perfect choice for any aquarium or laboratory.
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