Used EBARA ET-301WS #9083141 for sale

ID: 9083141
Turbo pump.
EBARA ET-301WS is a stainless steel single-impeller centrifugal pump with an open-style impeller design. It is designed for pumping clear water and other fluids with a low viscosity. This pump is capable of providing high pressure and flow to more distant locations, allowing for efficient movement of fluids. The pump housing and shaft are made of high-grade stainless steel, allowing for excellent chemical resistance and greater longevity. Its built-in check valve prevents backflow and ensures only the desired direction of flow. The open-style impellers on ET-301WS feature a unique blade design, which makes them highly efficient. The single impeller is further supported by a precision-ball bearing and self-lubrication system, making the pump maintenance-free. EBARA ET-301WS also comes with an integrated thermal overload protector, which prevents the motor from overheating. In addition, the pump has a seal retainer arrangement, which allows for the maintenance of seals in place without risk of damage due to hydraulic pressure. The WBARA ET-301WS is also vibration proof, making it ideal for both indoor and outdoor applications. The pump is suitable for pumping a wide range of liquids up to 110°C. The total lift of the pump can also be adjusted by using the adjustable pressure relief valve at the delivery side. Inlet and outlet connections of EBARA ET-301WS allow for easy installation and short installation time. The suction and discharge can be made of either a DN25 for 1" connections or a DN32 for 1 1/4" connections. Overall, ET-301WS is an excellent choice for applications where high pressure and flow is required from a reliable, corrosion-resistant stainless steel pump. The various features of the pump make it a great solution for many different applications requiring a reliable, long-lasting and economical pump.
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