Used EBARA ET-600 #179447 for sale

ID: 179447
Turbo pump.
EBARA ET-600 is a highly efficient, robust, and reliable stainless steel end-suction centrifugal pump. It is a compact, single-stage model, with a wide range of hydraulic coverage. This pump features a rugged and reliable design as well as top-notch performance in terms of water flow, energy efficiency, and resistance to corrosion. ET-600 is ideal for an array of industrial, commercial and agricultural applications, including water supply and circulation. EBARA ET-600 is designed with a hydro-dynamically balanced and self-priming impeller, made from stainless steel. This provides excellent resistance to wear and reduces noise during operation. ET-600's wide-open intake and back plate design minimizes clogging and can be used with fluids containing suspended solids. In addition, the pump boasts a liquid-filled, oil-lubricated, single-phase motor and double-sealed mechanical seal. This system results in a reduction of flow losses and noise, as well as a stable operation regardless of the head or flow rate. The pump's mechanical seal allows a choice of seal materials to suit the application and enhance longevity. EBARA ET-600 also features a patented anti-shock device that permits installation without the need for a flexible hose connection. This feature serves to reduce potential component damage and enhance system performance. ET-600 pump is temperature rated up to 140 °F (60 °C), void of vapors and gases, rotates at 2800 rpm and operates at a maximum discharge pressure of 200 PSI. It offers a maximum flow rate of 35 GPM and can be installed in vertical or horizontal positions. EBARA ET-600 is designed to meet the highest standards of quality and performance, and is a reliable solution suited to a wide array of industrial, agricultural and commercial applications. Installers and users alike benefit from ET-600's exceptional efficiency, reduction of operating costs, lower noise levels and increased performance.
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