Used EBARA ET-600WS #174149 for sale

ID: 174149
Turbo pumps.
EBARA ET-600WS is a high performance, stainless steel, submersible sump pump designed for use in a variety of applications, including process fluid transfer, flood control and rain water harvesting. This pump has a corrosion-resistant stainless steel body and is fitted with a high-efficiency, oil-filled, three-phase induction motor with a thermal overload protector. It is also equipped with an additional motorised seal for longer life and additional protection. The thermal overload protector prevents starting in the event of an overload. EBARA ET600WS has a suction head of up to 6m, a maximum head of up to 44m and a pumping capacity of up to 80m3/h. This pump is suitable for applications in water featuring solids up to 38mm, suspended solids and is also suitable for applications in corrosive liquids. ET-600 WS is fitted with two impellers for a volumetric efficiency of up to 90%, two mechanical shaft seals and a double mechanical seal in a carpentry box. This state-of-the-art pump has an IP68 protection rating and a working temperature of approximately -10 up to +40 Degrees Celsius. This pump has a low noise level and its power consumption is approximately 230 watt. The working pressure of EBARA ET-600 WS is up to 8 bar, while the working temperature is -30 up to +140 Degrees Celsius. It is also equipped with adjustable radial vane diffusers allowing for an improved functioning when used with variable head conditions. ET-600WS is an extremely efficient pump that meets the highest standards for oil-filled, three-phase induction motor pumps. It is not only lightweight but also possesses excellent performance capabilities, ensuring a long-term, reliable operation and maintenance-free operation. ET600WS is the perfect choice for a wide range of process fluid transfer, flood control and rain water harvesting applications.
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