Used EBARA ET-600WS #9098677 for sale

ID: 9098677
Turbo pump.
EBARA ET-600WS is a high-efficiency pump designed for commercial and industrial water systems. This product is a cast-iron, end-suction type with a non-clog, single-impeller design, allowing it to handle a wide variety of liquids, even those with suspended particles. It offers maximum efficiency, low noise and vibration, and is capable of delivering a steady flow rate of up to 340 gallons per minute. EBARA ET600WS is one of the best pumps for commercial and industrial applications. With its end-suction design, it is able to be permanently mounted and connected in-line to an existing pipe system, eliminating the need for costly external pumps. The pump's impeller is designed with a non-clog, self-cleaning construction, allowing it to handle difficult liquids, like heavy grit and sand, with ease. The use of neoprene and nitrile rubber impeller components also ensures that the pump can perform in extreme temperature conditions and/or handle a variety of liquids with differing chemical compositions. This pump also operates in both standard rail-mounted and wet-mount configurations. It has a measurable efficiency of up to 80%, a head range of up to 60 feet and a maximum capacity of 340 gallons per minute. Its design also offers a motor thermal protection and an integrated motor-mounted overload protection, allowing it to work safely at a wide range of temperatures and from the highest to the lowest pressure ranges. In addition, this pump is equipeed with a volute for superior efficiency, turbulence-free flow, and low vibration levels. ET-600 WS is ideal for cooling tower, hot and cold water circulation, thermal expansion services and a wide range of other industrial applications. With its high efficiency, non-clogging impeller, and overload protection, it is a reliable and durable choice for any system.
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