Used EBARA ET-800H #149527 for sale

ID: 149527
Turbo pump.
EBARA ET-800H is a submersible pump specifically designed for wastewater and sewage applications. It is capable of handling solid particle sizes of up to 35mm and flows up to 500m3/hour. The pump is available in a deep submerged version with a maximum immersion depth of up to 7 metres. ET-800H features a single impeller centrifugal design with a semi-open constriction allowing for a high degree of solids-handling capability and efficient operation. EBARA ET-800H is fitted with an AISI 304L hydraulic pump components and AISI 316L casing stainless steel construction ensuring maximum durability and corrosion resistance. The pump operates on a two-pole, three phase power supply, with power outputs ranging from 3 to 315kW (4 to 425HP). The pump provides a wide range of clearances for maximum suction efficiency and maximum efficiency when passing through stranded matters or slag. ET-800H features a sleeve, double mechanical seal which is utilised to protect the internal components from any abrasive wear or corrosive damage. This mechanical seal features high performance carbon/ceramic faces and is designed to effectively prevent any leakage of wastewater or sewage. The superior design of EBARA ET-800H pump, with its centrifugal impeller and semi-open constriction, results in higher flow rates and tighter pump operation. The single chamber construction aids in reducing friction losses and maximizing operational efficiency, while the closed smooth-running chamber design improves volumetric efficiency, ensures greater reliability and minimizes noise levels. ET-800H also features an NBR layered guide vanes trough which maintains the optimum flow sections and minimizes turbulence and cavitation effects. This guide vanes channels the water into the impeller, increasing the suction capability of the pump, resulting in improved hydraulic performance. EBARA ET-800H pump is ideal for a variety of wastewater and sewage applications, offering reliability and efficient handling characteristics. The superior design elements, stainless steel construction and advanced mechanical seal ensure it is capable of delivering years of trouble-free operation.
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