Used EBARA FS-Eight #164049 for sale

ID: 164049
Standard and Slimline cryo pump Pumping speed for N2: 1500 l/s.
EBARA FS-Eight pump is a centrifugal pump designed to handle a variety of applications. FS-Eight is suitable for pumping clean and slightly polluted liquids, such as for general service, cooling and air-conditioning, or low-pressure de-oxygenation of water. EBARA FS-Eight pump is engineered to meet stringent performance requirements of residential, commercial and civil applications. With a maximum head of 75 meters, FS-Eight is able to reach application requirements for pumps operating at low static heights with limited suction side restrictions. EBARA FS-Eight includes a robust cast iron impeller, mechanical seal and stainless steel shaft, making it suitable for low-pressure applications. FS-Eight pump offers superb efficiency and is designed to provide a wide range of operational efficiency. The open volute style casing is designed to optimise turbulence, while the wide range of impeller diameters, vane configurations and operating speeds allow for optimal performance. EBARA FS-Eight pump has advantages over traditional pumps because it operates more quietly, is more efficient, and is easier to install. Furthermore, the ease of serviceability permits fast and convenient maintenance. Safety is of paramount importance with FS-Eight centrifugal pump, and the pump has been designed to exceed ISO 5660-2 standards for noise and vibration reduction. EBARA FS-Eight pump also features an integrated system that monitors the pump's performance in real-time, thus preventing any unexpected downtime. In summary, FS-Eight centrifugal pump is a robust and efficient pump designed for a variety of applications. Its open volute casing is designed to reduce turbulence and its wide range of impeller diameters, vane configurations and operating speeds, ensure optimal performance. EBARA FS-Eight's integrated monitoring system allows operators to keep a close eye on pump performance and to quickly identify any issues that could cause downtime. This system ensures safety and prevents any unexpected downtime from arising.
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