Used EDLON PSI #157460 for sale

ID: 157460
Vintage: 2000
Tank with mixer Part# X000074-2 2000 vintage.
EDLON PSI is a centrifugal and volumetric-type pump, used for a variety of fluid transfer applications. This pump operates using a combination of centrifugal force and positive displacement, allowing it to move a wide range of liquids and gases. PSI pumps use a reliable and efficient hopper design, featuring an erosion-resistant, heavy-duty impeller with solid and shaft seals installed on the inlet and outlet side. This makes the pump more durable, as well as faster at handling liquid or gas pumping. EDLON PSI series also includes models with horizontal, vertical and horizontal/vertical configurations, depending on the application. This is ideal for customers looking for a versatile pump, capable of pumping a variety of materials. All PSI pumps come standard with an electric motor that produces a maximum output of 55 kW. This motor is capable of handling a variety of speeds without compromising performance. In addition, the pump is equipped with a range of mechanical and safety features, such as excess pressure protection and an overload protection system. This reliable and efficient pump is ideal for industrial and commercial applications due to its long-lasting performance. EDLON PSI series features materials such as carbon steel, low alloy steel, stainless steel, and other alloys, which all contribute to the pumps ability to handle high-temperature, chemical and corrosive liquids, as well as abrasive slurries. Furthermore, PSI is fish-friendly, making it a viable option for wastewater management. In addition to its impressive performance, EDLON PSI pump is also easy to maintain. With a protective coating and wear-resistant surfaces, PSI pump prevents wear and eliminates the risk of cavitation. Its external adjustment feature also allows for easier repairs and better performance control. All in all, EDLON PSI series is a reliable, efficient and cost-effective fluid transfer option for industrial and commercial applications.
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