Used EDWARDS 100/300 #9096967 for sale

EDWARDS 100/300
ID: 9096967
Pump Part No. B34633977 Displacement: 300 lit/sec Inlet flange: ISO100 Backing connection: KF25 Cooling: Water Fluid capacity: 125 ml Type of fluid: Oil Recommended minimum backing pump: 6 CMH Heater power: .65 kw 240 V 1 Phase.
EDWARDS 100/300 is a positive displacement pump utilized primarily within industrial environments. This pump is designed to resist corrosion and has a straightforward but reliable design; it requires minimal maintenance after installation. EDWARDS 100/300 features an extensive list of components and features including a compact, low head design and a cast iron construction to ensure maximum strength. The pump is fabricated from alloy steel for longevity and durability, ensuring it is suitable for a wide range of pumping needs. The pump body is made from cast iron and is layered with a corrosion-resistant epoxy, and the mechanical seal is available in either silicone carbide or graphite. The motor used in the 100/300 pump is a high efficiency motor, designed to reduce electric usage while increasing the life of the motor. The 100/300 is capable of producing flow rates between 18-100GPM, depending on the specific model and RPM of the electric motor used. It can also achieve pressures of up to 300 PSI which is suitable for most commercial and industrial applications. The motors are available in both single phase or three phase, allowing the user to choose the best option for their application. All motors are built with an overload protection switch in order to protect the motor from damage due to overloading. EDWARDS 100/300 pump features several other components and options to ensure safe and successful operation. A variety of impellers are available to meet the user's needs, depending on the specific application. The pump also features a standard mechanical seal that is designed to provide maximum seal protection and reduce wear and tear on the pump. For more precise flow control, EDWARDS 100/300 also has an adjustable speed control which allows the user to control the flow rate of the pump without the need to manually adjust the speed of the motor. Overall, EDWARDS 100/300 pump is designed with reliability and efficiency in mind. It is made to meet a variety of challenging pumping requirements while providing accessible and reliable operation along with minimal maintenance needs. It also utilises a number of features that are designed to reduce electric usage and increase the life of the motor, which can lead to a cost savings over the life of the pump.
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