Used EDWARDS 160/700C #9096971 for sale

ID: 9096971
Pump Part Number: B348 33 976,B34833977,B34833978. Pumping speed for Air : 600 lit/sec Inlet Flange: ISO100 Collar Backing connection: NW25 Cooling:Water Type of fluid: santavac 5 Recommended minimum backing pump: 12 CMH Heater power: 1.35 kw 240 V 1 Phase
EDWARDS 160/700C is a pump designed for use in a wide range of applications where a combination of high vacuum levels, high flow rates, and rapid pumping speeds are required. This is a compact and reliable vacuum pump that utilizes advanced technologies, such as a turbo molecular design, to achieve the best possible performance. EDWARDS 160/700C features a two-stage diffuser equipment and ultra-low mechanical vibration. This ensures a very low total system noise level. This pump also has been designed with maintenance in mind. All components can be easily accessed to allow for quick and thorough maintenance and inspection. EDWARDS 160/700C is powered by a robust 2.2kW motor and its mechanical design is based on an unconventional conical construction for improved pumping efficiency. This is combined with a highly efficient proprietary Turbo molecular motor to offer an optimal performance. The motor has been designed for economical operation via the incorporation of a programmable drive, which enables economical energy consumption and controlled motor speed. The pumps rotor is enclosed in a ceramic disk, which helps to provide long life, improve performance, and reduce maintenance costs. It also incorporates an air filter located at the inlet, which helps to keep the pump clean and free of contamination. EDWARDS 160/700C is equipped with a built-in oil separator to collect and separate the oil used for lubrication and to enable easy cleaning within the pump. This helps the unit maintain constant efficiency and performance. Additionally, the pump features an integrated foreline design that keeps the pump cool during operation. This pump is also compatible with a range of accessories, such as safety valves, gauges, and vacuum controllers to provide monitoring and control of the machine. This helps with meeting specific customer requirements and needs. In conclusion, EDWARDS 160/700C is a robust and versatile vacuum pump that has been designed for high performance in a wide range of applications. It offers a low total tool noise level, quick and easy maintenance, economic energy consumption, and the ability to be customized with a range of accessories. This makes EDWARDS 160/700C an ideal solution for centrifuge, distillation, and other vacuum applications.
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