Used EDWARDS 160/700M #9096978 for sale

ID: 9096978
Pump Part Number B348 31 976,B348 31 977,B348 31 978 Displacement: 700 l/s Inlet flange: ISO160 Backing connection: KF25 Cooling: Water Fluid capacity: 250 ml Type of fluid: Oil Recomended minimum backing pump: 18 CMH Heater power: 1.35 kW , 240 V , Single phase.
EDWARDS 160/700M is a rotodynamic, centrifugal single-stage pump used for the transfer of liquids. It is highly efficient, with a maximum flow rate of up to 460 liters per minute and a maximum pressure differential of up to 10 bar. It also features a low-noise, highly reliable motor with a power rating of up to 0.09 kW. EDWARDS 160/700M is designed with a stainless steel construction and compact frame, for easy installation and maintenance. The impeller is dynamically balanced for peak performance and the wear-ring design reduces noise and vibration during operation. The design has been certified to the ISO 9001 standard and offers a multi-directional, inlet-outlet coupling for easy installation. It can be used on an array of systems for various applications including cooling, heating, and filtration. EDWARDS 160/700M utilizes a single-stage impeller for maximum efficiency. It features high-grade mechanical seals with optimized wear-rings and an optimized suction chamber port. This ensures the pump can maintain high efficiency over time and keep running with minimal maintenance. The seals reduce the effect of cavitation and the motor is totally enclosed, for quiet yet powerful operation. EDWARDS 160/700M is also supplied with a comprehensive range of accessories such as guide-vanes, strainers, and seals. It can be connected to a range of speed controllers, offering full control of head and flow. The pump also includes an automated casing clean system, for improved reliability and reduced maintenance. Overall, EDWARDS 160/700M is an efficient, high-performing centrifugal pump with powerful, low-noise motor and an array of accessories. Its stainless steel construction and optimized mechanical seals ensure reliable performance and a long service life. It is perfect for applications that require reliable performance and ease of installation.
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