Used EDWARDS 160/700P #9096970 for sale

ID: 9096970
Pump Displacement: 700 lit/sec Inlet flange: ISO160 Backing connection: KF25 Cooling: Water Fluid capacity: 250 ml Type of fluid: Oil Recommended minimum backing pump: 18 CMH Heater power: 1.35 kw 240 V 1 Phase.
EDWARDS 160/700P pump is a high performance, durable and reliable pump solution for your business. This is a centrifugal pump with a robust frame and construction to ensure a long life span. It can handle liquids ranging from water to chemicals, making it a universal solution for a variety of industries. The 160/700P features a single stage design that allows for operation in a variety of pumping applications and provides maximum efficiency with a superior performance. EDWARDS 160/700P pump is powered by a TEFC (totally enclosed fan cooled) motor. The motor has a power of 2.2kW and has a speed of 2850 RPM. The motor is durable and designed to be able to withstand harsh environments as it features double protection shields. The pump is equipped with both an impeller and volute, these components help to create a high velocity pumping action that increases efficiency and reduces power consumption. The volute design of the 160/700P protects the motor by reducing thrust load. The construction of EDWARDS 160/700P pump features a cast iron housing and cast iron impeller and volute. This durable construction ensures a long life span of the pump. The pump is designed to cope with high temperature fluids, with a maximum temperature of 160°C. It can handle a pressure up to 10 bar, and its maximum flow rate is 700 m³/h. The pump also features a variable speed via the frequency drive, allowing for an optimal performance to suit different applications. EDWARDS 160/700P is a reliable choice for a variety of industries and applications due to its durable construction, power and efficiency. It can handle a range of different liquids, temperatures and pressures to make it highly adaptable. It is important to note however, that the pump must be installed up to relevant safety standards and a suitable filter system should be installed to ensure optimal performance.
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