Used EDWARDS 160 #9097943 for sale

ID: 9097943
Diffusion pump.
EDWARDS 160 is a medium-duty, heavy-duty mechanical diaphragm pump. It is capable of producing both vacuum and pressure in the range of 0.7 to 17 bar (10 to 250 psi). The pump features an isolated diaphragm design that allows gases to be pumped through the unit without any contact between the gas and the drive mechanism. This eliminates corrosion and leakage and allows for high performance and reliability. The pump also has a simple, compact design that requires minimal maintenance and does not require many external controls. 160 is constructed from carbon-steel and stainless steel components and features a unique oil-lubricated internal bearing system. This system helps to reduce friction, minimize wear, and maintain the required performance over an extended life cycle. It is also designed to operate with minimal noise and without generating a large amount of vibration. The unit has a wide range of sealing options, with a variety of internal and external seals to best suit the necessary process conditions. The pump is driven by an electric motor, and it has a single speed of 6,000rpm. The motor is suitable for use with a variety of power supplies ranging from 110 to 240V and is also designed to operate with frequency and voltage control systems. The motor is cooled with long-life and efficient fans and it also contains a built-in thermistor to monitor the temperature levels. This ensures that the motor operates safely even in extreme conditions. EDWARDS 160 has a flow rate of up to 180 cc/min and a maximum capacity of 500cc. The unit can handle a wide range of gases, including air, helium, and hydrogen, and is suitable for a variety of operating conditions. The pump is also designed for use with a variety of filter sizes and is easily adaptable for special applications. 160 is an efficient and economical choice for users looking for a reliable and long-lasting pump. Its compact and easy to maintain design makes it an ideal choice for those who need a dependable pump that can handle the toughest of jobs.
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