Used EDWARDS AAS70W #9092149 for sale

ID: 9092149
Dry pump.
EDWARDS AAS70W is a rotary vane pump that is designed to meet the demanding applications in ultra-high vacuum (UHV) systems. This pump combines the advantages of high pumping speeds, compact size, and low vibration levels in a reliable package with superior performance. AAS70W pump is a single-ended, four-lobe motor-driven rotary vane pump. It operates on a two-lobe rotor that has four vanes that rotate in a sealed chamber. The rotor is concentrically positioned in a cylindrical housing and held in place by dielectric bearings. The vanes are curved and trail against the walls of the chamber just slightly before reversing their curved shape to follow the contour of the opposite wall, thus compressing and pumping the gas. The vane compression and pump dynamics are designed to provide the maximum pump capacity and best vacuum performance. The pump can be utilized as a backing pump for high vacuum application due to its high pump speed capabilities. In addition, EDWARDS AAS70W pump utilizes a scraper plate technology which effectively reduces oil backstreaming into the vacuum equipment. It also features an advanced motor controller with PLS technology which increases both the motors reliability and efficiency. AAS70W pump also features very low vibration levels, a non-dispersive silicone oil bath lubrication system, and a low profile intake. Its intake unit is especially designed to minimize the risks associated with cavitation. Finally, the motor of the pump has winding insulation rated for Class B (105°C) operation and is protected from over-voltage and over-current conditions with a built-in protect-o-switch. In conclusion, EDWARDS AAS70W pump is an excellent solution for high vacuum applications due to its high pumping speeds, compact size, and low vibration levels. It is constructed with superior components and offers an improved oil backstreaming machine along with advanced motor controller with PLS technology. AAS70W pump guarantees maximum pump capacity and best vacuum performance and is a reliable and cost-effective solution for ultra-high vacuum systems.
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