Used EDWARDS CDP40 #181624 for sale

ID: 181624
Dry pump.
EDWARDS CDP40 is a robust, versatile and powerful vacuum and pressure pump designed for the most demanding application requirements. It is suitable for the generation and maintenance of vacuum as well as operation as a process pump, eliminating the need for a separate pumps for different applications. CDP40 is designed to offer hassle-free maintenance and maximum uptime, with excellent reliability in a compact and lightweight design. It is capable of achieving maximum discharge pressures of up to 5 bar (72.5 psi) at an ultimate vacuum of 7 mbar (0.07 Torr). It has a displacement rate of 45 L/min (1.59 CFM) at 50Hz and 39 L/min (1.38 CFM) at 60Hz, making it suitable for a variety of applications. EDWARDS CDP40 features an oil-sealed rotary vane design with an optimized airseal system, providing a reliable seal and preventing process gas contamination. The pump's components have been carefully chosen to ensure an excellent level of corrosion resistance, giving it a longer life and increased durability. The dry running capability of CDP40 allows for continuous operation with no downtime for maintenance. EDWARDS CDP40 has an integrated thermal overload protection system, making it a highly reliable solution. The pump can also be controlled remotely though its RS-485 network interface, which enables the integration of the pump into a centralized system. CDP40 is designed for simple operation and maintenance, with replaceable components for convenience. Overall, EDWARDS CDP40 is a reliable and powerful pump capable of providing a long and consistent service life with minimal maintenance requirements. Its simple design, easy-to-use features, and a robust construction make CDP40 an excellent choice for all of your pumping requirements.
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