Used EDWARDS CDP80 #157004 for sale

ID: 157004
Dry pump.
EDWARDS CDP80 is a medium-sized rotary pump ideal for use in a wide variety of medium to large industrial and research applications. This type of pump provides quiet, even, and reliable pumping of gases, vapors, and liquids over both short and long periods of time. EDWARDS CDP 80 is a single-point direct-drive pump for use in a variety of chemical and pharmaceutical applications that requires accurate and consistent delivery of fluids. CDP80 offers the convenience of a direct-drive design and is available with a single-phase or three-phase electric motor. This model pump boasts a maximum capacity of 80 litres per minute, and a maximum pressure up to 6 bar, which makes it suitable for a variety of medium to large applications. CDP 80 is constructed with only the highest quality components, ensuring a long lifespan and dependable performance over time. These components include a heavy-duty cast iron base and housing, a stainless steel shaft, and a stainless steel rotor. The pump also features a built-in back-pressure valve and an integrated mechanical seal to help reduce maintenance costs and extend the life of the pump. EDWARDS CDP80 pump is designed to provide a reliable, efficient, and energy-saving operation. This is achieved through the pump's direct-drive design, which eliminates the need for a transmission - resulting in fewer operating and maintenance costs. Furthermore, the pump is equipped with a built-in air bypass valve which allows the pump to automatically readjust flow rate based on pressure changes. This feature helps reduce energy consumption while also providing more accurate flow control. Overall, EDWARDS CDP 80 pump is an ideal option for a wide range of medium to large industrial and research applications due to its simple design, ease of use, and efficient operation. Its widely praised performance and reliable operation helps ensure a lasting and cost-effective operation over time.
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