Used EDWARDS CR100/300M #9096959 for sale

ID: 9096959
Pump Displacement: 230 lit/sec Inlet flange: ISO100 Backing connection: KF25 Cooling: Water Fluid capacity: 125 ml Type of fluid: Oil Recommended minimum backing pump: 5 CMH Heater power: 0.65 kW, 240 V, 1 Phase.
EDWARDS CR100/300M Vacuum pumps are high performance, rotary vane pumps used to create vacuum or pressure in various industrial applications. The CR100/300M are part of the Advanced Compression technology (ACT) family and are designed for rapid operation in situations where large pumping speed and low power consumption are required. The CR100/300M is equipped with a simple, easy to use, four-stage drive equipment which provides reliable performance. The design of the pump and the four-stage drive system make it ideal for applications that require high levels of performance over a wide range of flow rates. EDWARDS CR100/300M uses a rotary vane compressor, driven by a three-phase, three-speed induction motor. The pumps are designed with a bearing housing and casing that are fitted with an end bell that houses both the suction and discharge valves. The drive unit of the CR100/300M has four stages, each stage providing a different level of compression speed: low speed (20Hz), medium speed (30Hz), high speed (50Hz), and maximum speed (100Hz). This allows for a wide range of pumping speed and great efficiency. One of the greatest advantages of EDWARDS CR100/300M is its low power consumption. With a power rating of 150W to 300W, the pump is able to provide a high pumping speed while consuming very little power. This makes the CR100/300M ideal for applications that require pumps with reduced energy consumption. Another benefit of the four-stage drive machine is the reduced noise levels, enabling the CR100/300M to be used in multiple applications without causing disruption. EDWARDS CR100/300M Vacuum pumps are a robust, reliable and energy efficient solution for any industrial vacuum application. With its four-stage drive tool, reduced power consumption and low noise, this pump is an ideal choice for any environment in which a high level of performance is required. Moreover, its easy-to-use design allows for straightforward installation and maintenance, making it a great choice for any industrial process.
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