Used EDWARDS CR63-150M #9096958 for sale

ID: 9096958
Pump Part No: Variable depending on Voltage and Valve type required. Pumping Speed: 120 lit/sec Inlet flange: ISO63 Backing connection: KF10 Cooling: Water Fluid capacity: 60 ml Type of fluid: Oil Recommended minimum backing pump: 6 CMH Heater power: 0.45 kW, 240 V, 1 Phase.
EDWARDS CR63-150M pumps are centrifugal pumps that are designed to move a variety of process liquids. With a single-stage, end-suction configuration, these pumps are designed to efficiently meet a wide range of application requirements. With machined stainless steel components and integral bearing support, this pump is corrosion resistant and can handle a variety of fluids, including aggressive, corrosive, and hazardous materials. CR63-150M features a one-piece, cup-shaped CFPE impeller to ensure low-vibration operation and superior resistance to external forces. This design also enables outstanding efficiency and capacity. The machined stainless steel impeller construction offers superior corrosion protection and a smooth, high-tolerance finish. This pump model provides a maximum flow rate of 157 m³/hr and a maximum head of 150 meters. EDWARDS CR63-150M can handle a maximum liquid temperature of up to 110°C and has a minimum suction lift of 1 meter. CR63-150M also features mechanical double-seal technology with a silica carbide face to ensure leak-free operation. As the pump is sealed against both atmospheric and pressure sources, it is ideally suited to a wide variety of industrial applications. Additionally, users can customize the mechanical seal arrangement to suit application-specific requirements. EDWARDS CR63-150M is equipped with a pressure gauge tap and an in-line flange for added protection. This allows the user to easily monitor performance and reduce the chances of a pump failure. Furthermore, the back pull-out design makes disassembly and repair easy. Overall, CR63-150M boasts a combination of superior design features and reliable performance. This centrifugal pump is efficient, durable, and able to handle a variety of liquids. Additionally, its customization features make it ideal for a variety of industrial applications.
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