Used EDWARDS Diffstak 100P #9081558 for sale

Diffstak 100P
ID: 9081558
Diffusion pump ISO100 Air-operated 280 l/s.
EDWARDS Diffstak 100P is a mechanical pumping device designed for use with vacuum systems. It is capable of generating both absolute and Relative vacuums and is ideally suited for operations that require high flow speeds without sacrificing performance. The industrially built pump is powered by a single phase motor and requires a power supply of 120 volts, and 60 hertz for it to operate. The pump is equipped with a 40-millimeter inlet flange, allowing easy attachment of suction devices. The Diffstak also features a close-coupled bellows design that helps ensure both maximum performance and quiet running. Internal lubrication helps further reduce noise levels, allowing for safe, environmental operation. The Diffstak is constructed using heavy-duty stainless steel and a three-piece aluminum casting that helps improve overall performance. An o-ring seal helps safeguard against contamination and pressure spikes, while a three-stage mechanical vacuum regulator ensures superior operation at all levels. The Diffstak has been designed to achieve up to 1.2 cubic feet per minute of flow, and has a pumping speed of 65 liters per second and a reachable ultimate vacuum of 28 inches of mercury. Its maximum intake pressure stands at 0.3 bars, and it is capable of handling up to 2.0-millimeter of mercury. Diffstak 100P is also designed to be lightweight and portable, with its total weight not exceeding twenty-three kilograms. This makes it simple to transport, allowing it to be taken from site to site with ease. The robust external design and durable construction ensures maximum reliability and a long service life, meaning fewer repairs and replacements. EDWARDS Diffstak 100P is an ideal choice for operations or applications that require high flow speeds without sacrificing performance. Its close-coupled bellows design, o-ring seals, and low vibration and noise levels help to maximize efficiency and minimize disruption. With its sturdy, lightweight construction, the Diffstak is a reliable and efficient choice for all of your vacuum needs.
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