Used EDWARDS Diffstak 300 #122133 for sale

EDWARDS Diffstak 300
Diffstak 300
ID: 122133
Vintage: 2010
Diffusion Pump, 2010 vintage.
EDWARDS Diffstak 300 is a direct drive regenerative blower, used for conveying and compressing non-hazardous air, gas and vapour mixtures used for gas pumping and cooling. Diffstak 300 features a continuous-duty, 2-stage oil-less motor and a direct drive compressor, capable of up to 9 bar pressure. The motor is sealed and lubricated with a specially designed lubrication barrier, ensuring both performance and reliability. The pump's construction consists of an aluminum volute, housing the drive motor and compressor, and a stainless steel ribbed impeller to ensure maximum efficiency. The volute is attached to a stainless steel body and pressurized with a labyrinth gap seal, ensuring optimal operating pressure. EDWARDS Diffstak 300 delivers a wide range of performance capabilities. It has a maximum flow rate of 18,450 m3/h (1.22 cfm/psi) and a maximum pressure of 9 bar (130 psi). Its power requirements range from 0.45kW to 2.2kW and its motors are capable of low running speeds from 930rpm to 4800rpm. Diffstak 300 is suitable for a range of pressure and temperature applications, including gas pumping and cooling. It is ETL approved and suitable for a range of industrial applications that require precise and reliable pressure and flow control. The motor is equipped with a high thrust bearing assembly, providing greater stability and operating life. Its pressure control system includes adjustable pressure-relief pilot, enabling for precise pressure control and pressure monitoring. Its maintenance and repair requirements are minimal, making it an ideal choice for reliable and efficient operation. EDWARDS Diffstak 300 comes with a variety of options, including additional inlet and outlet filtering, and an optional soft start, providing an even more precise and consistent operation. Diffstak 300 is a reliable, precise and efficient generator product, suitable for a range of industrial applications. It's designed to meet customer needs, providing an excellent cost effective solution. EDWARDS Diffstak 300 is an ideal choice for those looking for a reliable and cost effective pumping solution.
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