Used EDWARDS Diffstak 63 #9071401 for sale

EDWARDS Diffstak 63
Diffstak 63
ID: 9071401
Diffusion pump.
EDWARDS Diffstak 63 is a roughing pump designed to provide a reliable and efficient source of vacuum in both industrial and scientific applications. Reputable and reliable, Diffstak 63 is a highly respected pump in the pumping industry. EDWARDS Diffstak 63 utilizes a lubricated-free, rotary vane design for roughing usage. The pump features a heavy-duty, cast aluminum housing with an efficient cooling system. The oil-injected mechanism helps maintain the proper lubrication which extends the life of the pump. Diffstak 63 utilizes an easy-to-operate remote control with a convenient visual display, allowing for simple operation and monitoring. EDWARDS Diffstak 63 is designed to operate with minimal noise and vibration, and its integrated safety features include a thermal overload and overpressure shut-off. Diffstak 63 is capable of pumping vapors and can operate in a wide range of temperatures. It possesses a single stage and a maximum capacity of 6.3 m3/hr. EDWARDS Diffstak 63 is also UL/CSA certified for use in the USA and Canada. With a nominal pumping speed of 16.6 ft3/min, Diffstak 63 has the advantage of being able to achieve excellent ultimate pressures of 1 x 10-3 torr. When it comes to maintenance, EDWARDS Diffstak 63 requires minimal care due to its oil-free nature. Its internal parts are easily accessible, and the use of non-flammable solvents and oils reduces the risk of ignition or explosions. Additionally, its external parts are self-lubricating and do not require frequent maintenance or special attention. Its total cost of ownership is also relatively low, making it an attractive choice for investment. Diffstak 63 is an excellent choice for users who need a reliable and efficient roughing pump. It features an easy-to-operate remote control, UL/CSA certification, and requires minimal care and maintenance. With its high pumping speed and excellent ultimate pressure, EDWARDS Diffstak 63 is ideal for all industrial and scientific applications.
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