Used EDWARDS Diffstak 63P #9081552 for sale

Diffstak 63P
ID: 9081552
Diffusion pump Air operated. 135 l/s.
EDWARDS Diffstak 63P is a powerful mechanical pump designed for laboratory and general industrial applications. This pump has been engineered to provide high quality performance and superior reliability. This model is designed for a wide variety of applications such as vacuum applications and chemical processes. Diffstak 63P features a patented double-balanced sliding vane design. This provides consistent airflow with minimal turbulence, making it ideal for laboratory and industrial applications. The 63P also has an integrated motor and bearing design. It is capable of providing high running speeds up to 32,500 rpm. This ensures reliable and efficient operation in diverse applications. The 63P is capable of achieving vacuum levels up to 15 Torr. It can also be used for pressure pumping up to 13 PSI. The pump also supports a maximum operating temperature of 180-degrees Fahrenheit. This allows it to be operated in challenging industrial environments. The 63P has been constructed with a resilient stainless steel casing and a strong aluminum rotor. This construction prevents corrosion and makes it suitable for use in corrosive environments. The pump also has a durable impeller, made from carbon fiber, which provides superior performance and long life. EDWARDS Diffstak 63P has an advanced safety system. This includes overload protection, an auto-reset switch, and a thermal switch. This ensures safe operation and helps prevent damage to the pump. The 63P also has a low vibration design, allowing it to be mounted in close proximity to sensitive equipment. It is also capable of operating without oil, making it suitable for use in cleanroom environments. Diffstak 63P is a powerful and reliable pump, designed for a range of industrial and laboratory applications. With its state-of-the-art construction and advanced safety features, users can be assured of superior performance and long-term reliability. It is a great choice for those requiring a high-performance pump for tough applications.
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