Used EDWARDS DP40 #9096033 for sale

ID: 9096033
EDWARDS DP40 is a highly reliable, high performance non-metallic liquid diaphragm pump designed for use in a wide range of industrial process applications. DP40 has been optimized for use in systems with a maximum head up to 9m and a maximum differential pressure of up to 18 bar. The pump is driven with an asynchronous motor and housed in a robust, corrosion-resistant glass filled, polypropylene casing with SS 316L wetted parts. EDWARDS DP40 features a leak-free mechanical seal with a structurally reinforced seal face which helps to ensure a long operating life and reduces the risk of leakage and contamination. The pump is also equipped with an alarm system which monitors pressure, temperature, RPM, phase and dry running to ensure the pump is running safely and efficiently. The pump has an adjustable flow rate and is capable of pumping liquids up to 70 deg C and solids up to 6mm in diameter. DP40 has been designed as a dependable, highly efficient solution for the transfer of liquids and aggressive acids and corrosive liquids. Its robust design and long operating life make it suitable for a wide range of industrial processes, including food and beverage production, chemical processing, water treatment, paper processing and general manufacturing. EDWARDS DP40 is also capable of handling a variety of slurries and viscous liquids as well as highly corrosive or abrasive liquids. The pump's efficient design reduces energy costs and increases overall system productivity. Its modular design also allows simple and fast rebuilds, as well as easy maintenance and repair. DP40 is a valuable and reliable option for any industrial process application.
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