Used EDWARDS DP80 #132140 for sale

ID: 132140
Dry pump Pumping speed: 56.4 CFM/m3h.
EDWARDS DP80 pump is a high-performance displacement pump used in a variety of industries, such as transportation and energy, for the conveyance of hydraulic fluids and other media. This pump is renowned for its robust design, reliability and excellent performance, even in the most demanding job environments. EDWARDS DP-80 is capable of operating at maximum speed, with a continuous flow rate of up to 80 liters/min and a maximum pressure of up to 350 bar, making it suitable for a variety of applications. The pump has a three-phase electric motor that is capable of operating in temperatures ranging from -20°C to +50°C, with a maximum output power of up to 4 kW. The motor is coupled directly with the pump, allowing for minimal error movements and vibrations. This powerful motor is combined with a carbon-ceramic shaft coupling that provides durable performance and low maintenance costs. DP 80 pump utilizes a robust, resilient ductile iron housing that is designed to withstand substantial external loads and is highly resistant to wear and tear. Additionally, the design incorporates a labyrinth seal, which acts as an effective barrier against external contaminants and prevents any leakage or damage to the internal components. The design of EDWARDS DP 80 has also been optimized to reduce energy consumption, helping to improve operational efficiency. The pump features a semi-hermetic design, with a single mechanical seal that reduces energy consumption and helps to reduce hydraulic loss. In addition, the pump has built-in pressure gauges and adjustable maximum operating pressure, helping to reduce energy consumption. In conclusion, DP80 pump is a reliable, high-performance displacement pump that is suitable for a variety of different industrial applications. Featuring an efficient motor, a robust ductile iron housing, and an adjustable maximum operating pressure, the pump provides excellent performance and is designed for durability and reliability.
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