Used EDWARDS DP80 #137283 for sale

ID: 137283
Pump, 53.7 cfm Ultimate vacuum: 6.6 x 10^-3 Torr ISO 40 inlet Water cooling requirement: 50 L/hour.
EDWARDS DP80 is a double stage oil sealed pump designed to provide a reliable, efficient and robust means of creating a vacuum and exhausting gases at various flow rates and compression ratios. Specifically designed and manufactured for optimal performance in high vacuum systems, this superior duty and highly efficient pump provides peace of mind when used in demanding industrial and laboratory applications. EDWARDS DP-80 features a two-stage construction, with the second stage designed to provide higher compression ratio and vacuum levels. Both pumping stages are driven by Poly-V belts, a quiet and reliable technology, providing DP 80 with the power needed to operate effectively for an extended length of time. High quality mechanical seals, both dry sintered carbon and oil lubricated, are built in for increased efficiency and superior performance in difficult vacuum environments. DP-80 also boasts a robust and corrosion-resistant painted case enclosure as well as internal heavy duty components constructed from durable die-cast aluminum and stainless steel, ensuring long-term performance with minimal maintenance and servicing. To further increase the reliability of the pump, a range of available accessories such as mechanical backing pumps, ELIMCO condensate traps and replaceable oil filters are provided either as factory-fitted options or as after-market fitments. With an impressive pumping speed range of 0.2 - 82 m3/hr and a ultimate pressure range of 0.1 to 10-2 mbar, EDWARDS DP 80 is a versatile, reliable and robust pump designed to provide superior vacuum performance in demanding industrial, laboratory and research applications. Furthermore, the pump is available with a full selection of service parts, making it easy to source replacement components when required, and enabling easy maintenance and servicing.
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