Used EDWARDS DP80 #162464 for sale

ID: 162464
Dry pumps with EH-500 blowers Currently on a roller cart Stored in a warehouse.
EDWARDS DP80 is a high-performance, rugged industrial pump designed to ensure reliable and safe operation in a variety of industrial applications. This single-stage centrifugal pump features robust construction, a broad range of performance capabilities, and superior command and control features. EDWARDS DP-80 features a sturdy polypropylene casing and features a wide range of material options that let you select the optimal material type for your application. The casing rated up to 80 psi and is impact and erosion resistant, making it suitable for many different environments. The sectional design allows for easy mounting and provides multiple seal configurations for a wide range of media types. These include water, fuel, oil, and most other industrial fluids. DP 80 is powered by an integrated electric motor and has an operating flow rate up to 280 L/m and a maximum head (pressure) capability up to 44.5m. The output power peaks at 1.5 hp and is safe for use with explosion-proof environments up to IP 67 levels. The motor is also positioned for ease of maintenance, allowing for easy access to its interior. DP80 is equipped with the latest in cutting-edge command and control electronics, allowing fast and precise control over the operation of the pump. This includes features such as automatic dry-running protection and self-priming capabilities. The addition of a digital touchscreen display also gives users visual feedback on the current operating parameters of the pump. Overall, EDWARDS DP 80 is a reliable and powerful industrial pump offering superior performance and innovative features. The combination of superior materials and components, advanced electronics, and sectional design make it an ideal choice for countless industrial applications.
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