Used EDWARDS DP80 #181623 for sale

ID: 181623
Pump with booster.
EDWARDS DP80 pump is an ideal choice for numerous applications in different industries. It is a direct-coupled dry-lubricated vacuum pump equipped with a compact and reliable mechanical seal. It is designed for intermittent duty in rigorous high-vacuum applications. EDWARDS DP-80 pump is excellent at providing a consistent and reliable low-vacuum performance. Utilizing proven, robust technology, DP 80 offers high performance and extended service life with just minimal maintenance requirements. It also has an integrated non-return valve equipped with an adjustable check valve, which provides excellent inlet protection and vacuum integrity. DP-80 offers a variety of features and benefits, such as variable speed control, an adjustable wait time to ensure smooth operation, and an integrated bypass pressure vent. All these features minimize the need for additional external components and support maximum efficiency in the system. EDWARDS DP 80 also features a self-initiated start/stop system, allowing for automated operations without the need for manual intervention. Furthermore, DP80 provides excellent dry-lubricated/oil-lubricated performance, as it is fitted with an engineered PTFE-based dry lubricant. This lubricant has excellent wear-resistance, meaning the pump can operate with minimal wear and tear. In addition, the PTFE-based dry lubricant can also tolerate extreme temperatures, making the pump capable of operating in harsh environments. EDWARDS DP80 has been designed to fit even the most demanding applications and the overall instrument is interchangeable with equivalent pumps, which adds flexibility and convenience. Its advanced design and build quality, along with its reliable performance, makes EDWARDS DP-80 pump a top choice for many industries.
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