Used EDWARDS Drystar #174338 for sale

ID: 174338
Dry pump with 1400 controller, warehoused.
EDWARDS Drystar pumps utilize advanced dry-vane and claw technologies to provide reliable, robust vacuum pumping solutions. These industrial-grade pumps are designed to offer minimal maintenance and maximum reliability— key features for critical processes. Drystar pump series comprises a family of direct drive and belt-driven solutions for low to medium-high operating pressures. Its direct-drive pumps are built using a superior, leak-free design that guarantees efficient transfer of energy and long working life. Additionally, EDWARDS Drystar's unique vane-rotor and stainless steel claw-arm design allows for operation in any orientation with low noise at both high and low speeds; this makes them ideal for optimizing process throughput and reducing system costs. Drystar utilizes an expansive range of features to ensure effective operation in any environment. Its self-primal design requires no pre-pumping priming and its energy-efficient motor design maximizes operational savings. For added protection, EDWARDS Drystar pumps feature an integrated thermal switch that monitors and protects the motor against overheating, as well as a gas-ballast system that prevents highly-volatile liquids from entering the vacuum pumps and destroying the vacuum. Drystar is fully modular and can be configured to meet specific application requirements. For example, its intuitive control panel can easily manage complex systems, such as variable speed drives, oil vapor separators and condensors. Moreover, its wide range of accessories, including inlet and exhaust traps, anti-surge valves and oil mist filters, provides the flexibility for users to optimized the vacuum process for their specific applications. In sum, EDWARDS Drystar is a powerful and reliable pump system built with the latest advanced technology. Its energy-efficient motor, robust design and intuitive control panel makes it ideal for a wide variety of applications. Combined with its range of accessories and features, Drystar is well suited to handle critical processes in any environment.
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