Used EDWARDS E100 #9076340 for sale

ID: 9076340
IPUP Pumps Voltage: 208V Hz: 50/60 AMPS: 16.
EDWARDS E100 is a high performance, high capacity, liquidring vacuum pump which provides superior vacuum equipment operations. It is designed to deliver reliable performance and efficiency for a variety of industrial applications, such as printing, automotive, and cooling. Thanks to its patented technology, it is capable of providing clean air delivery and excellent low-level vacuum in a wide variety of conditions. E100 is rated for continuous operation with an ISO 8573-1 Class 1 certified inlet connection. It features EDWARDS patented Easy FitTM system for easy and quick filter installation and removal. Its advanced noise reduction technology allows it to operate at noise levels below 70 decibels at full speed. Additionally, the pump's patented Anti-Surge CycleTM feature helps protect the pump from damage caused by abrupt changes in the unit's operating conditions. EDWARDS E100's robust construction and reliable design make it an ideal choice for applications requiring efficient, reliable vacuum machine operations. Its double seal design minimizes liquid leakage, while its hermetic seals maintain a lasting dry vacuum level. Its optimized heat transfer enables maximum vacuum performance and extended life. E100's airflow tool is designed for efficient airflow delivery without the possibility of asset stagnation. Its robust impellers guarantee reliable performance and optimal air handling. The pump's inlet and outlet ports are designed for low static pressure loads, resulting in higher operating efficiencies. Additionally, its corrosion-resistant construction allows it to withstand a wide range of industrial applications with minimal maintenance. EDWARDS E100's simple maintenance requirements and small footprint make it an ideal solution for energy-efficient industrial vacuum systems. Its compact size and robust construction makes it a perfect fit for both indoor and outdoor applications. Additionally, its low power consumption and low vibration levels make it an ideal choice for industrial applications. Its advanced design allows E100 to deliver superior performance for high-pressure, low-density applications due to its extended run time without any degradation of performance. EDWARDS E100 is certified to meet exacting safety standards and offers a low-maintenance operating solution. Thanks to its efficient, reliable vacuum model design, E100 is an excellent choice for demanding industrial applications.
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