Used EDWARDS E1M175 #9095192 for sale

ID: 9095192
Pump PDisplacement: 178CMH (1) Stage Type of oil: H/C Inlet connection: ISO63 Outlet connection: ISO40 Gas ballast: Yes Cooling: Air Accessories available: Oil Mist Filters, Inlet Filters 5.5kW, 415V, 3Phase
EDWARDS E1M175 is a robust and reliable pump designed for a variety of industrial applications. It has been crafted using the highest quality components and manufactured to exacting standards to ensure dependable performance. E1M175 is a medium-speed, medium-flow rotary vane pump with capabilities between 10 and 175 m³/h. It is designed to meet specific process requirements in an efficient, cost-effective manner, and its one-piece planetary gear design enables it to offer a wide range of operating speeds. This pump also features a self-adjusting integral rotor and bearing system, along with statically balanced rotors for smooth, reliable operation over its entire speed range. Furthermore, its oil-sealed housing is designed to optimize performance and minimize losses due to leakage and reduced vapor pressure, while an automatic intake valve ensures that only oil vapor is drawn into the pump during operation. EDWARDS E1M175 is uniquely designed to reduce noise and vibrations and to perform reliably in high-pressure applications. It also utilizes a simple, efficient power transmission system that requires few parts, minimizes maintenance needs, and offers improved durability. Additionally, this pump is designed to be recycleable and environmentally-conscious, with components that can be easily separated and recycled. E1M175 is compact, easily portable, and can be used in rugged conditions without detriment. It is compatible with a variety of fluids, including gasoline, kerosene, crude oil, and a wide range of industrial oils and lubricants. Furthermore, it can be used in a wide range of temperatures, from -20°C to +100°C. Finally, this pump is designed to comply with stringent safety and environmental standards, minimizing the risks associated with its use.
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