Used EDWARDS E1M18 #9095103 for sale

ID: 9095103
Rotary pump Part No: A343-01-912 Displacement: 20CMH Inlet connection: KF25 Outlet connection: KF25 or 15mm Hosetail (1) Stage Type of oil: H/C Motor power: .55 kW 240 V 1 Phase Gas ballast: Yes Cooling: Air.
EDWARDS E1M18, developed by EDWARDS, is a high-performance and highly reliable rotary vane pump designed for superior vapor handling capability. The pump features built-in anti-suckback and is capable of pumping range from atmospheric pressure down to 0.5 torr and free air displacement of 37 CFM (cubic feet per minute). E1M18 is powered by a high-efficiency motor and its low-noise operation is suitable for most laboratory requirements. To ensure maximum operating pressure, the pump can be connected to a two-stage control valve. The heavy-duty construction of EDWARDS E1M18 ensures a long service life even with continuous operation in extreme conditions. The pump also features a semi-hermetic design, which prevents oil contamination, improved overall performance and reduced maintenance. With its ergonomically designed rugged housing, the pump is designed for ease of installation, and the large ports provide anti-siphon capability in both the intake and exhaust, which minimizes oil losses in the event of power failure. In addition to superior performance, E1M18 also features a range of safety features. The design includes a built-in motor protector, which trips off the power in case of overheating or excessive vibration and pressure. The pump also features a manual reset button to restart the pump after an emergency or duty cycle shut off. EDWARDS E1M18 has been designed with flexibility and reliability in mind. The included 4-position flange adapter provides versatility and easy connection to all standard flanged pump ports. The filter mesh on the intake ensures the smooth running of the pump by trapping large particles before entering the pump chambers. The inlet and outlet check valves and seals prevent backflow and minimize cross-contamination, while the optional Oil Mist Eliminator (OME) helps to reduce oil carry-over significantly. E1M18 offers high efficiency, superior vapor handling capability and reliable performance at a competitive price. This makes it an ideal choice for applications in a wide range of laboratory and industrial settings such as medical laboratories, chemical laboratories and food processing industries.
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