Used EDWARDS E1M275 #9068112 for sale

ID: 9068112
Pumps, 208/380V.
EDWARDS E1M275 is a magnetic drive, dry running, diaphragm vacuum pump from the E1M series of pumps. This reliable and robust pump is designed for numerous vacuum applications in laboratories, medical, chemical processing, and scientific research. This model features an adaptive blower control which enables the pump to adjust speed as demand increases and decreases, and a specially designed motor rated at two horsepower for continuous operation. The motor is protected by a resilient mount design and a dynamic rotor balance system. Additionally, this pump is lightweight and rugged, making it durable enough to be used in challenging laboratory environments. The pump's advanced design provides a low maintenance solution that helps to keep costs to a minimum, its compact design allows it to be installed quickly and easily, and its closed design ensures a virtually constant inlet pressure while maintaining a low sound level. E1M275 is designed with a hydraulic bypass system, which helps to maintain a minimum outlet pressure of 14.7 psi. This system also helps to reduce pulsation associated with dry running vacuum pumps, protecting against damage to smaller laboratory systems. The pump housing is made from durable 316 stainless steel to ensure a reliable and long lasting product. Its non-metallic porting components are designed to hold up against moisture and corrosive gasses. EDWARDS vacuum pumps include PTFE filter and vapor-locking techniques to reduce corrosive gasses and moisture from entering the pump chamber. Additionally, EDWARDS E1M275 features a built-in safety outlet valve to protect against overpressure, and a built-in safety valve in the main port to protect against vacuum surges and pressure overloads. This model also features a low vibration level, an audible low vacuum alert, and a digital temperature sensor monitoring. E1M275 model from EDWARDS provides a reliable, durable, and cost effective solution for numerous applications. Its advanced design helps to reduce maintenance costs, while its heavy-duty construction helps to ensure long-term dependability.
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