Used EDWARDS E1M275 #9095238 for sale

ID: 9095238
Pump Model No: A347-01-935 Displacement: 292 CMH Inlet connection: ISO63 Outlet connection: ISO40 (1) Stage Type of oil: H/C Gas ballast: Yes Accessories available: Oil Mist Filters MF300 Inlet Filters 7.5kW 415V 3Phase.
EDWARDS E1M275 is a high-efficiency, precision pump designed to deliver optimal performance and reliability for a variety of industrial and laboratory applications. This versatile pump features a unique design which enables superior accuracy and precision, including high-level motor speed control and advanced materials. E1M275 offers a range of benefits to its user, including a powerful 200 watt permanent magnet motor, a maximum flow rate of up to 4m3/h, and a high-efficiency pumping capacity. This well-built device is sealed to IP64 standards, providing better protection against dust and other contaminants, and it has a round flange design for easy installation and wiring. EDWARDS E1M275 comes with a range of materials options, with its hydraulic components made from bronze and carbon steel for exceptional durability, and its mechanical components built from stainless steel and other high-grade materials. This allows the pump to be used in a variety of tough and extreme environments, including gas-liquid and alcohol applications, and other harsh media. To ensure precise operation and precision, the pump features a state-of-the-art servo-drive based drive system, and its integrated electronic speed controller (ESC) enables precise motor speed control. It also boasts a built-in soft start feature, allowing for easier manipulation of the speed, while the extra-large capacity reservoir ensures steady operation even in extreme conditions. E1M275 also features a range of additional safety features, including an internal relief valve and overload switch, and an external safety shutoff switch for manual control. This handy device also includes overload alarms, motor warm-up alarms, and overtemperature protection for reliable and secure use. Finally, EDWARDS E1M275 comes with a range of connectivity options, enabling it to easily interface with other systems for easy control and management. With its advanced design and precise performance, E1M275 is an exceptional choice for both industrial and laboratory applications.
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