Used EDWARDS E1M80 #143064 for sale

ID: 143064
EDWARDS E1M80 is an industrial-grade mechanical vacuum pump designed for applications ranging from aerospace and medical to electronics and food and beverage production. The pump is used to remove air and other gases from a sealed container or tank in order to create a vacuum. E1M80 is capable of reaching up to 0.05 mbara when operated along with water-ring pumps. It has a simple, yet robust design that ensures it can withstand harsh operating environments. It is also equipped with oil break off valves, a thermal safety cut-off switch, and an in-built oil level indicator. The pump's low-friction oil-splash lubrication works to protect the metal parts from corrosion and wear and tear, allowing for long lasting operation. EDWARDS E1M80 is able to operate at speeds ranging between 1350 and 1450 revolutions per minute, depending on the model, ensuring reliable performance at all times. The pump is able to handle a wide range of operating temperatures, from -25 to 45 degrees Celsius, making it suitable for applications in a variety of environments. It also boasts a noise rating of 68 dB(A), meaning it won't cause too much disruption in the workplace. E1M80 has a maximum pumping capacity of 80 cubic meters per hour, which means it is able to handle a high volume of air and other gases. With this in mind, it is an ideal choice for high-pressure vacuum systems. Finally, EDWARDS E1M80 is incredibly versatile and can be used with both manually and automatically operated air valves. It is also designed to be energy efficient, helping to reduce power consumption while in operation. For these reasons, E1M80 is a fantastic choice for industrial-grade applications that require the regular evacuation of air and other gases. It provides reliable performance, is easy to operate, and is highly cost-effective due to its energy-saving abilities.
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