Used EDWARDS E1M80 #9095190 for sale

ID: 9095190
Pump Part No: A345-01-935 Displacement: 80CMH Inlet connection: ISO40 Outlet connection: NW25 (1) Stage Type of oil: H/C Gas ballast: Yes Cooling: Air Accessories available: Oil Mist Filter MF100 Various Inlet Filters 2.2kW, 415V, 3Phase.
EDWARDS E1M80 is a high performance liquid ring vacuum pump designed to deliver reliable, high quality performance. It is ideal for applications where consistent process control or low noise levels are essential. E1M80 consists of an aluminum cast casing with an iron impeller and is powered by a 230 / 400V three-phase asynchronous motor. The motor is protected by a double-pole switching device, making it safe and reliable during operation. EDWARDS E1M80 also has a high-efficiency lubrication system featuring high-performance bearings and an oil-lubricated mechanical seal. E1M80 is designed with a reduced inlet port diameter which limits turbulence. This provides a low noise level of approximately 55 dB(A) at 1 m away and also allows for high intake capacity at a relatively low power consumption. EDWARDS E1M80 is equipped with a vibration damping system which also reduces noise levels and prevents damage to drive components. Additionally, its self-lubricating shaft bearings ensure extended operation with minimal maintenance. E1M80 is equipped with a centrifugal oil diluter which prevents the pump from becoming oil-lubricated and produces a higher vacuum than air-cooled pumps. The pump is capable of generating a vacuum up to 3300 Torr (0.02 bar). EDWARDS E1M80 is easy to install and operate. It is also compliant with low flow rate compliance applications which require a system water flow rate of only 8 L/min. Overall, E1M80 vacuum pump is a top-performing and highly efficient pump that provides high quality performance at low noise levels. It is durable, reliable and versatile for a variety of different applications. It is easy to install and maintain, making it a great choice for any business operating in the industry.
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