Used EDWARDS E2M1.5 #9069491 for sale

ID: 9069491
Wet pump.
EDWARDS E2M1.5 is an industrial pump intended for a variety of applications from process gases to cryogenic liquids. It is based on the popular E2 pump series and has been modified to handle higher flow rates and a wider range of operating conditions. The pump is designed to efficiently move air, water, steam, and cryogenic liquids from one point to another with precision and accuracy. The E2M1.5 is a fully-integrated, high-performance industrial pump. Its design starts with a radial multi-stage impeller that is designed to handle a range of volumetric flow rates. This impeller can be paired with a wide range of external components that permit operation from a variety of power sources. For motor-driven operation, the E2M1.5 offers a direct coupled electric motor for reliable operation. The pump can also be outfitted with an array of safety features such as an intrinsically safe emergency stop switch. The E2M1.5 is constructed of high-grade metals and plastics that are chosen to ensure maximum efficiency. Its low noise operation and ability to effectively move a range of liquids and gases make it an ideal choice for many industries and applications. Its corrosion-resistant materials, along with its sealed bearing design, make it low-maintenance and reliable in multiple scenarios. The E2M1.5 is also equipped with a range of monitoring and diagnostic features. Digital readouts on the face of the pump permit users to quickly access data such as run time, flow rate, and pressure. The pump also offers built in autotune capability which allows it to adjust its operation parameters for optimal performance. Overall, the E2M1.5 is a reliable, efficient, and economical industrial pump that is capable of meeting a variety of needs. Its multi-stage impeller and wide range of components provide users with maximum control and flexibility for a variety of applications. Its corrosion-resistant materials and low-maintenance design make it an ideal choice for places where long-term service is a necessity.
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