Used EDWARDS E2M12 #9076808 for sale

ID: 9076808
Rotary Vane Pump, 28".
EDWARDS E2M12 pump is a rotary vane-type vacuum pump that is oil sealed and designed for use in industrial and scientific applications. It is capable of reaching a free-air displacement of 14 cubic meters per hour (M3/h), and a maximum operating pressure of 0.67 mbar with a pumping speed of 110 cubic meters per hour (CMH). E2M12 is a high-performance pump that offers superior reliability and dependability. It features an advanced design and engineering, allowing it to handle both low and medium vacuum levels with ease. EDWARDS E2M12 features a radial bearing design for superior durability and smooth operation. It has an internal oil-recirculation equipment that ensures effective and efficient removal of contamination from the pump chamber, protecting the pump from damage. In addition, its air-purge system helps protect the pump from condensation and freezing due to the high levels of vacuum it can achieve. E2M12 has a lightweight design for easy installation and mobility. Its 2-stage vane-type pump ensures a continuous flow rate and a low noise level, so it can be used without causing disruption. The oil sight glass allows for easy monitoring of oil level, which is essential for optimal and long-lasting performance. EDWARDS E2M12 pump includes an integrated motor with adjustable speed control, a shock-mounted motor, and a flexible filtration unit for easy maintenance and upkeep. It also includes an oil mist separator for optimal oil conservation and a built-in oil filter to help keep the machine running clean. E2M12 is ideal for many medium vacuum and low pressure applications such as filtration, degassing, and gas transfer. It is also a great choice for deep industrial vacuum systems, laboratory operations, heating and cooling systems, and general vacuum applications. With unmatched reliability and dependability, this pump is perfect for both commercial and industrial applications.
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