Used EDWARDS E2M175 #9095193 for sale

ID: 9095193
Pump Part No: A366-15-935 Displacement: 178CMH (2) Stages Type of Oil: Mineral Inlet Connection: ISO63 Outlet Connection: ISO40 Gas Ballast: Yes Cooling: Air Accessories available: Inlet Filters, Oil Mist Filters 5.5kW 415v 3 phase.
EDWARDS E2M175 is a powerful and efficient rotary vane pump designed to meet a variety of industrial vacuum needs. It is a single-stage, direct-drive, oil-sealed vacuum pump designed specifically for corrosive and aggressive gas applications. Its robust design makes it ideal for industrial vacuum systems and a variety of other applications. E2M175 is a single-stage, direct-drive rotary vane pump powered by a 4-pole motor, designed to provide optimum pumping performance with minimal energy consumption. It features a low noise level and a rugged construction, making it suitable for tough industrial environments. It utilizes an oil-sealing system, where the oil is retained in contact with the vane surface, ensuring continuous lubrication and protection against wear. EDWARDS E2M175 utilizes a low-cost vacuum pump oil, helping to keep maintenance costs down. In addition to being efficient and low maintenance, E2M175 exhibits fast operation with a quick start-up time and excellent vacuum levels which come with high-speed operation. Further, the flow rate can be adjusted depending on the operational needs, thus helping to ensure that EDWARDS E2M175 is able to meet the specific application requirements. E2M175 also features a large oil-removal capacity, with a built-in capacity for removing oil from the pump with as little as 5 % of the total stored oil. This helps to reduce overall maintenance cost since an automated oil-removal system is available. In terms of performance, EDWARDS E2M175 has a wide operating temperature range, a high strength alloy body which enables the pump to handle highly corrosive and aggressive gases, an evasion shield to protect against gas leaks, and a low vibration level. It is also resistant to wear, ensuring a long working life. In conclusion, E2M175 is an excellent choice for applications which require a high-performance, efficient, and low-maintenance vacuum pump. Its robust construction, wide operating temperature range, and large oil-removal capacity make it a great choice for industrial vacuum systems and other applications.
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